Jason J. Gullickson

Jason J. Gullickson

A potential new heart for OFFGRiD

As I’ve mentioned I’ve been playing with the Mixtile GENA , a neat little device that’s a lot like the heart of a Pebble watch.  They’ve been enjoying my work with the device and have offered to send me another one of their products to experiment, the LOFT-Q .

I hadn’t heard of the LOFT-Q before but checking it out, it looks like potential candidate for the brains of OFFGRiD .  There’s a bit more to it in terms of size and cost than the other SBC’s I’ve been considering, but it packs a lot of things in that I’d like to have inside the OFFGRiD.

The question will be whether or not it can operate in the constraints I’ve imposed on the laptop, in particular the physical size and power consumption. On the other hand there is a possibility that it might allow me to eliminate some of the hardware I’d otherwise need for the other SBC’s I’ve been considering, and that would be a big win.

If you’re looking for something a bit beefier than a Raspberry Pi or and Odroid the LOFT-Q is worth a look.  I can’t vouch for it’s quality yet, but if it’s anything like the GENA I’m sure it will be well made.


// jjg

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