Jason J. Gullickson

Jason J. Gullickson

Adventures in Mailserving

So, I had written a long article about a quest I was on to build a new server for another of my projects, www.fish-zine.com, and I began writing an article for this site about that process, but it was boring and I dropped it. Suffice to say, I bought an SE/30 off of eBay and thought it would be funny to run that site off a web server with a 40 meg disk and 5 megs of RAM.

It turned out to be less funny and more frustrating.

However, it did work, and I had planned on putting up a link here so you can check it out, however something interesting happened. In addition to installing a web server on this box, I also built a mailserver. I spent about three days troubleshooting the mailserver, fixing routing loops, etc, and finally, night before last, I got it working…how cool.

So I come home last night and check on it, and the system is locked up. Big deal, right? Just turn it off and back on again. No…it just comes up with a screen full of garbage, and no startup noise. Damn.

I let the box sit overnight, and still nothing. It’s like it burned up or something. The weird thing is that it has been on since I recieved it (like three weeks), and it didn’t burn up untill everything was working…bitch.

So, instead of my cool webserver, I have a new poll for you, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.