Jason J. Gullickson

Jason J. Gullickson


Planned on spending an hour incorporating Jamie’s edits into the Reprap book, ended up more like four.  Writing is hard, and easy to underestimate.

I think there are shortcuts, and that’s why bad writing exists.  I’m not trying to imply that what we’re working on will be perfect, but I can see how under normal “business” conditions compromises would get made that would result in a book not living up to its potential.

I’m also not saying it’s easy to do the best job you can possibly do.  There is constant temptation to just finish the thing, and that the result of doing so might be good enough.  There’s also the real fear that not finishing could be worse than releasing something you know isn’t as good as it could be, because the pursuit of perfection has no time limit.

I don’t think we’re in danger of that yet.  3D printing is still a very fast- moving target, but I’ve tried hard to strike a balance between abstract and concrete content that will be useful and practical but not bolted to firmly to contemporary tech.  We’ll see, I could be wrong, but I feel good about where this is and where it’s going.


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