Jason J. Gullickson

Jason J. Gullickson

Black Friday

What follows is the english version of my post on www.fish-zine.com today reguarding the outage we encountered on Friday, Oct 6.

The reason for black friday:

For the beginning of our life online we were utilizing bandwidth and servers that were so gracefully donated to us from my employeer. For the first few months this went just fine.

After awhile, some employees of this organization didn’t agree with the content of the ‘zine and starting bringing this to the attention of other employees. This manifested itself as several conversations with myself about “censoring” or “editing” of the site.

I do not and will never consider the censorship of the site an option, and this is what caused our outage on friday.

Because of this disagreements at our previous home, I took the site down immediately and moved it into our secret, secure bunker known only as “skylab”. This is where all of our scientific research goes on and is a somewhat hostile place for such a delicate flower as the fish-zine.

In the light of this, we will be dedicating a new server to the ‘zine as soon as I get it (it’s ordered), and as soon as I can figure out how to work it into the current configuration (more beard). In the meantime, the ‘zine will reside on a box in the ‘lab and hopefully will generate as little grief as possible.

Long live Zork!