Jason J. Gullickson

Jason J. Gullickson


I like water, so does my lovely bride and our beautiful baby girl.

However I’ve never been the boat type, I don’t really have any interest in water skiing or any of that. I like the idea of being on the water but I don’t dig the complication of traditional watercraft.

So when I saw these things that look like a cross between a jet-ski and a fishing boat, I got interested.

I like the idea of having something that the three of us could take out on a lake for the weekend without having to give up my entire garage and all my free time maintaining.

Now I know nothing about this stuff, so I’m still doing homework. I’m open to other ideas, it would be cool to get something that could go on the roof of the new ride, but I don’t think a canooe would work for the little one.