Jason J. Gullickson

Jason J. Gullickson

GENA Progress

A little good news about the GENA device.

I was able to figure out why it would connect and then disconnect from my phone.  Turns out that the problem was having the bluetooth devices from my Pebble associated with the phone was somehow interfering, and when I told the phone to “forget” the various Pebble devices (one watch has more than one), I was able to pair the GENA with my phone!

This was encouraging enough that I spent some more time working on a case. It’s moving along, it’s ugly, but I want to get it working right before I worry about how it looks.


The buttons work although refinement is needed (as you can see one broke off during testing). Once I’ve got a button mechanism that is satisfactory the next step will be a bezel (perhaps simply inverting the design so the back is the open part?) and then attaching a strap.  There’s some cool printable straps out there, so I’ll probably start there.

Once it’s wearable I’ll start to work on making it more attractive and comfortable, but at that point I think it could replace my Pebble on a daily basis.  I’m very excited about the forthcoming developer tools & documentation, be even as-is it’s a very cool and useful piece of hardware.


// jjg

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