Jason J. Gullickson

Jason J. Gullickson

Hack It

You may have noticed I had a brief flirtation with svbtle , in fact the three posts I made are still over there:


It’s a really cool platform, simple, attractive and incorporates some of the very ideas I’ve had over the years to support the cultivation of ideas.

However I was using it for the wrong reasons, and as nice as it is, it’s still an old-world monolithic system based on centralized servers.  This isn’t a direct criticism, it will serve many people well, but it’s not right for me, and using it does nothing to improve Preposterous.

So I painstakingly moved my posts back to Preposterous, and committed myself to figuring out why my custom domain suddenly broke.  In the process I remembered some of the subtle reasons I fell in love with the Posterious model in the first place, why I was compelled to re-create a part of it and learned a little more about nginx and ipv6 along the way.

So for better or worse, gullicksonlaboratories.com is once again powered by Preposterous (avaliable on both ipv4 and ipv6!), warts and all.  This will force me to either improve it, or stop posting altogether.

talk about a rock and a hard place…

- Jason