Jason J. Gullickson

Jason J. Gullickson


It’s hard to think about motorcycles when it’s -5 degrees Fahrenheit, but I’ll try.

Matt and I have been busy capturing/logging footage and taking a step back to look at what we have so far and how that fits into the “picture” of the film we started out with. Some things have come out exactly as we expected and others have exceeded our expectations in many ways.

There are two ways to approach a non-fiction film, you can set out to tell the story a certain way from the start and “force” this story in the way that you acquire footage and information or you can pick a “starting point” and let the film take shape as you gather media and information. I think that you have to have the whole story in mind when you start out, because you need to be able to envision the end of the film, but conversely I think you need to be able to let this go if, along the way, the story reveals itself in a way that is contradictory to your original vision. Ike said it best;

“In preparing for battle I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable.”

Matt and I had a very solid vision of the film when we first started shooting in 2007, but since then so much has changed. When we started we could scarcely imagine the resources that we would be able to gather and today we stand here with such a rich collection of stories and images that to force them into the mold we originally set would be to sacrifice too much. So we have spent the last few months taking all this in and contemplating how to grow the idea of the film, in light of all that has changed, and we’ve come up with something that we are very excited about and we think you will be too.

…of course I can’t spill the beans here, you weren’t expecting that were you?

All grand plans aside there are some very basic and concrete tasks remaining before we can consider production “a wrap”. Next on the agenda are interview sessions with yours truly and Matthew to gather updates on the project bikes, and speaking of project bikes there is the small matter of readying them for the spring run! At the moment the biggest obstacle for Matt is the self- draining fuel tank and for myself, aside from a few (what I consider minor) mechanical issues is the greater matter of getting the bike registered and street-legal.

So my next post will return to a discussion of these technical/mechanical items, but I wanted to take a moment to update you all on the status of the film itself. We are very excited to reveal more, and in the coming months we’ll be leaking more details. Stay tuned.

BTW, for those of you who missed it on television you can see Matt and I on Wisconsin Public Television’s “Directors Cut” online and catch a brief “sneak peek” of some of our Crud Run footage near the end of the episode: http://www.wpt.org/directorscut/111gullickson_cribben.cfm