Jason J. Gullickson

Jason J. Gullickson

More Interviews

Last night we completed another key interview for the film and now we’re down to only one left on the list. That isn’t to say we won’t be doing more, or doing additional interviews of subjects we’ve already spoken with but what it does mean is that we’re one interview away from putting together what we’re calling the “outline cut” .

This is where we take everything we’ve shot so far, put it together in the timeline and watch it end-to-end. The goal here is to see what we have, identify the stories we want to focus on and determine what else we need to tell these stories in a compelling way.

So it’s not so much the end of production in the traditional sense, but it is the beginning of post-production and a milestone that we’ve really been looking forward to. Unlike a drama, where the story is written before the camera rolls, this is where the story our film will tell really starts to emerge.

The other transition happening here is a shift in focus from working on the motorcycle to one of working on the film. I have a few bike-related tasks in store for the winter but the updates here will have more to do with “shots- and-cuts” and less to do with “pipes-and-jets” (although bigger jets are on the top of my parts list). The primary challenge facing the bike at the moment is getting the title and license squared away and from my experience that doesn’t make for very exciting writing. So unless something particularly exciting happens, I’ll spare you the gory details.

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Look forward to more consistent (if not more frequent) updates and let us know if you like what you’re hearing or if there is something you think we’re leaving out.