Jason J. Gullickson

Jason J. Gullickson

Not quite

It was close but I didn’t quite hit one-post-per-day last month (29 out of 31).

It became clear that one per day wasn’t realistic, it’s just too easy to forget and forcing a post just to hit the number is kind of dumb.

That said one post per day on average seems to be worthwhile, so I’ll try that this month.  I think having the arbitrary goal has helped me publish ideas that have been banging around for awhile but I’ve held-back writing up because they were incomplete or I felt I couldn’t explain them well.  That’s OK I guess, but I think a blog is a good way to get those ideas out there even if they’re not perfect yet, and nothing stops you from re-publishing them once they are in better shape.


// jjg

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