Jason J. Gullickson

Jason J. Gullickson

Octowatch mentioned in Make Magazine

My open-source Pebble watch project Octowatch ( https://github.com/jjg/octowatch ) was mentioned in an interview with Gina Häußge, creator of Octoprint ( http://octoprint.org ) in volume 42 of Make Magazine.

Interview available online here : http://makezine.com/magazine/make-42 /interview-with-octoprints-gina-hausge/

Octoprint is web-based “host” software for controlling a 3D printer designed to run on small Linux computers like the Raspberry Pi and let’s you control the printer using any device on the network with a web browser.

Octowatch uses Octoprint’s API to extend a portion of this monitoring and control to the Pebble smartwatch, allowing you to monitor (and soon, control) the printer from your wrist.

For me it’s very exciting to have my work show up in Make and especially when it’s a project that I feel came about the way I think all products should in the future.  Octowatch came about to meet a personal need of mine, and is only possible because of the open nature of Octoprint and the freely-available Pebble development tools.

The whole experience has re-invigorated me to continue work on Octowatch and to avoid hesitation when inspiration strikes for projects like this in the future.

- Jason