Jason J. Gullickson

Jason J. Gullickson

Preposterous, not just for humans!

A novel use of Preposterous came to mind this morning.

Since all you need to do to create a Preposterous blog is send an email , any system capable of sending email can create a Preposterous blog.

A number of systems I’m responsible for are capable of sending notifications and logging events via email.  These emails are sent to groups of individuals which works OK, but it can flood the ol’ inbox, and it’s also not great if you need to grant someone access to the event/log history who hasn’t already received all the messages.

By adding preposterous1984@gmail.com to the destination for these emails, you get a nice little chronological record of these messages and events that anyone can review.

Of course care must be taken not to send anything sensitive to these blogs (as they are public), but that’s good advice for both humans and machines.  If this application becomes popular I’d consider implementing measures to hide these posts from the blog index but I don’t know that I’d ever add support for truly private posts on preposterousme.com (for that I’d recommend running your own server, which is a pretty low hurdle itself).

If your machines create a Preposterous blog I’d love to hear about it!

- Jason