Jason J. Gullickson

Jason J. Gullickson

Print quality is getting better and more consistent

Here’s a few recent prints from my Reprap .  After a fair amount of tuning the quality has dramatically improved, but more importantly, the consistency and repeatability is getting to a point where I can print many simular and different parts, and they fit together with simular tolerances.

Ball-chain pulley for upcoming drawbot
project Ball-chain pulley for upcoming drawbot project

The Ultimachine filament I picked up seems to have greater dimensional stability than the Faberdashery samples I have, although the colors of the Fab filament are nicer as the texture is a little more pleasant as well so I can see why it’s popular.  For my purposes engineering accuracy is more important so I’m happy the Ultimachine filament is fitting the bill in that regard.

Open-Source Hardware logo, upside-
down Open-Source Hardware logo, upside-down

One thing that came to my attention through the last tests is that I have one of my axis inverted.  This seems like something you’d notice but since a lot of the things I print are symmetrical  it wasn’t apparent until I printed some objects with letters on them (or this iPhone case with the camera opening on the wrong side…).

Domestic Violence Awareness iPhone case \(prototype,
apparently\) Domestic Violence Awareness iPhone case (prototype, apparently)