Jason J. Gullickson

Jason J. Gullickson


A coffeshop (or equivalent) where communications devices are checked at the door.

The goal of a Quietshop is to provide a shelter from the distraction and stress of constant connectivity.  When someone is visiting a Quietshop, the expectation is that they are not immediately available, but they can be reached in case of emergency.

A Quietshop is broken into at least three distinct spaces:

  • A common area where visitors can meet and converse
  • A quiet area where library rules apply
  • A reception area where communication devices are checked and monitored by the attendant

Additional spaces of the same or other types may be available, but to meet the definition of a Quietshop these three areas must be present and acoustically isolated.

When visiting a Quietshop, you enter through the reception area where you are greeted by an attendant who safely stores your communication devices in a check area.  If your device demands attention during your visit (you can define what that means for the attendant) the attendant will make a note of the request and deliver it to you.  If you need to immediately respond to the request, you can do so in the reception area.