Jason J. Gullickson

Jason J. Gullickson

Real Progress

I can’t express how excited I am to finally put Issue #47 to bed.  That one really irked me, it made everything that I wrote in Gmail look like crap, and since I’m using a Chromebook as my “daily driver” that was pretty much everything of substance that I posted.

The other major source of posts is the camera on my iPhone, which unfortunately still has an open Issue .  I’m less concerned about this than I was before tonight however since the problem seems to have more to do with dubious engineering choices on Apple’s part than on how Preposterous is handling the post data, and while I do plan to address this I don’t feel like it’s all my fault anymore.

Regardless I feel like I can start using Preposterous in earnest again, and this is encouraging work to explore taking it to the next level.  I’d love to be able to devote more time to developing Preposterous as well as return to using it as the root of my public Internet presence.  I’ll be moving Preposterous to a new more concise domain name soon, and working to make it a more complete blogging platform without compromising its deliberate simplicity.  More on that soon.

In the meantime expect to see more posts here more regularly and stay tuned for updates on what’s coming down the line.

- Jason