Jason J. Gullickson

Jason J. Gullickson

This might be my next personal computer

I have to admit, I’m fanboy-ing over this new Lenovo a bit.

Can we just look at that hinge for a moment…

I’m torn because I’m really not excited about having to choose between Android and Windows (Android, obviously).  Like most Lenovo’s I imagine you could get Linux to run on this thing but you’d be waiting a long time (and probably writing drivers yourself) to make most of the interesting hardware work.

But then again, would I need to run anything other than Evernote on it?

I’m pretty dubious about Android’s security, but perhaps there are solutions to that at this point (this isn’t an iPhone vs. Android question, it’s an Android vs. Linux one).  If I can find ways to satisfactorily mitigate Android’s holes then I could probably live with this thing running Android because it would amount to  little more than a kernel for Evernote.

It looks like the street price is going to be around $500.00, but I wasn’t able to get a lock on release date.  I’d also like to lay hands on it before making a decision as I’m really picky about keyboards.  That said, regardless of how well the pen and keyboard work, it would be a significant upgrade from anything I’ve used before, and a step in the right direction.

Plus, I just like supporting people who have what it takes to bring something cool to market (cough, _ Microsoft _ cough)