Jason J. Gullickson

Jason J. Gullickson

Twelve Days

The idle issue was solved today with some timing adjustments and cleaning of the mechanical advance mechanism.

The fuel leak has been located and can safely be ignored*.

The remaining issues are a minor missing/backfiring issue at 14 throttle-ish and the back brake has this “grabby” thing going on (who uses back brakes?). I have almost two miles on the bike now, all of them up-and-down the street in front of my house (much to the joy of my neighbors, I’m sure).

The thing is loud, almost painfully so. I’m open to (cheap, fast and easy) suggestions but chances are that I won’t bother with it until after the run.

At this point I think I’m done until the bike can be on the street legally. I need to do a longer road test to figure out if the jetting is where it needs to be but I’m chicken to do it until I have a plate on the back. It would be a different story if I lived in the country…

*for the time being, it only leaks when the petcock is open and the bike isn’t running.