Jason J. Gullickson

Jason J. Gullickson

Welcome to www.jasongullickson.com!

Here at jasongullickson.com our goal is to provide you with a weekly dissertation on some interesting topic. Failing that, we hope to provide you with at least an insightfull (or maybe mispelled) rant that you can use as your own to impress your friends.

In addition to the usual banter, we offer our exclusive line of do-dads and such in the merchandise section for your shopping pleasure, and an ever- increasing list of interesting spots on the web listed on your left.

Each week you’ll get a dose of mayhem or madness from yours truely, or sometimes from a guest speaker, or if you’re really motivated, email me Jason J. Gullickson and I’ll tell you about our associate program and you might get to go-off yourself.

This week I’m planning on putting something down about the presidential debates, however right about now I’m a little too incoherent to even get started. In the meantime, go to www.votenader.com and see what other options the debate commitee didn’t bother to tell you about.