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I’m not sure what the future holds for Preposter.us.

It’s awesome, don’t get me wrong, and personally, I love it.  I had thoughts of trying to do something big with it, make it self-sustaining and possibly underwriting upcoming projects, but I don’t know, I don’t think the time is right.

It’s not that I think it ever will be, we may just be past the point where a simple end elegant blog isn’t a thing.  This sounds dumb to most people I’m sure, clearly blogs are far out of fashion but you have to remember that I was “blogging” before there was a word for it, so to me Preposter.us is called a blog only out of convenience.  To me it’s just another journaling system, one in a long line of systems I’ve designed for my own use in the past, and certainly not the last.

On the flip side there’s essentially no cost to keeping it going, at least not at any predictable scale.  The software is tight and reliable, and by design uses very little resources.  I only maintain the code when I want a new feature (or get frustrated with a bug), but without a demanding audience it’s very little effort to keep development at pace.

It would be encouraging if it was valuable to others, but when you think about it pursuing that sort of satisfaction is kind of dumb.  If cost isn’t a factor (both financial and otherwise) then why should I care if I’m the only one using it?  Maybe there is something subconscious that nags me when it seems like I’m only doing this to indulge myself.

Of course every time I bother to sit down and use it, I start to remember why I wrote Presposter.us in the first place.  The simplicity of producing a journal via email is hard to beat, especially since doing so is one of the few ways left to function outside of the “mainframification” of the “web”.  Maybe I just need to eat my own dogfood more to remember why I cooked it in the first place?


- Jason

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