Jason J. Gullickson

Jason J. Gullickson


An reoccurring experiment in incrementally-expanding autonomous communities.

Autonomy is only possible by severing our ability to thrive and survive from those who benefit from our suffering and subservience. The purpose of Autonomacon is to provide a laboratory, workshop, studio and sandbox in which to experiment with and develop the means and capacity to replace or eliminate these dependencies.

These dependencies take many forms. They include (but not limited to) obtaining the essentials of survival (food, water, shelter), receiving medical care, social and psychological well-being, protection and recovery from natural disasters, technology such as communications, transportation and agriculture, arts and music, education and knowledge, news, sanitation, entertainment, games and exercise, the list goes on...

Any and all of these are things we depend on which we currently obtain through exploitative channels and therefore are subject to be pursued during Autonomacon.

The first Autonomacon will be three days long. It will take place in a temporary autonomous zone . The only resources available will be what participants bring with them and the natural resources of the zone. When Autonomacon is complete, the zone will be returned to its original state (save for any renewable resources which replenish themselves naturally). Each time Autonomacon happens, another day will be added to the experiment.

The number of participants in a single Autonomacon zone are limited to 150 people . If more want to participate, additional zones will be added. Zones are encouraged to communicate, collaborate and share resources during the event, but must avoid becoming completely dependent on one-another as (this would defeat the purpose of the experiment).

Any outcome is successful so long as it produces knowledge. Autonomacon's most important goal is to discover, document and disseminate knowledge about creating autonomous communities. Participants are expected to contribute their experiences to the encyclopedia*, either directly, by allowing other participants to document their participation in the event or both.Autonomacon is Work In Progress , and there are a lot of problems to solve. I'm posting about it now because I want to do a better job of sharing ideas and not stockpiling them until they are "perfect". If this sounds interesting to you, please, email .