Jason J. Gullickson

Jason J. Gullickson

Waking the Dead

While I'm sick I can't do anything terribly productive, so I finally got around to writing a little program to import some ancient content into this blog. I put very little effort into this (as I have very little capacity at the moment) but it's a start, and I can always improve it later right?

Sadly the best source I could find for these posts was the output from a previous effort to bring these back to life when my blog ran Hugo. I gave up on Hugo because I ran into problems cramming this much content into Git. Hopefully that isn't still a problem (as I type this I'm watching git push slowly climb to 100%...).

Much fidelity is lost in this process. Seems that most of the text and images remain, but there's lots of formatting problems. Again I may go back and try to fix some of this, but some of these posts were pulled from The Internet Archive so their original structure may just be lost to the ages.

One other significant issue is that for unknown reasons some of these posts didn't have a valid timestamp. For these I simply sent them back to 1990 to make it clear that they are not in the proper order.

Why do this? I think it's important to be honest about where I've come from and how my thinking has changed over time and experience. I am a lot smarter and more sensitive than I was 20+ years ago, and I hope to continue improving in the future. There is content in these posts that do not reflect how I feel today, but hopefully by sharing them I can show how people can grow and improve.